torstai 29. lokakuuta 2009

Hello groupmates

I somehow managed to do everything right so I can now be a blogger too. Cool. I have sometimes thought about to open my own blog but I haven't really had time to do that yet. Well, maybe this blog can work as an inspiration to my own blog. We'll see..

I'm a 23 years old student and I'm originally from Kemi, Northern Finland. This is my third year here in the university of Jyväskylä. I study organizational communication as a minor subject but I hope that next year it will be my major subject. In the moment my major subject is Swedish. I have also studied German, economics, journalism and social policy. Every now and then I work as a freelance writer. In my free time, if I happen to have any, I spend time with my family and my lovely 9 months old shetland sheepdog.

keskiviikko 28. lokakuuta 2009

On the road now...

Hi, I'm "on the road" for 3 days, so i try to blog by my mobilephone...this is horrible...I don't see alphapeths.... But I tried... Thank you Ilpo for opening this blog! Let's try to do this groupwork and learn something. I already learned that I need glasses.

tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2009


I'm Tobi from Stuttgart in Germany but I'm studying Communication in Vienna (Austria). I'm 24 years old.

I like travelling (this is my travel blog:, fencing and having time with friends.
ok, this is our PR Blog

this is the list when everyone has to post her/his comment:

Monday 2.11, 9.11, 16.11, 23.11 (?) Alice
Tuesday 3.11, 10.11, 17.11, 24.11 (?) Tobi
Wednesday 4.11, 11.11, 18.11, 25.11 (?) Jaana
Thursday 5.11, 12.11, 19.11, 26.11 (?) Ilpo
Friday 6.11, 13.11, 20.11, 27.11 (?) Mirja

Welcome to our blog

Hey everyone and welcome to our blog. I hope everyone eventually got my invitation and we can start blogging. I hope this won't be as difficult and horrible as it sounded in the lecture today =)

I can only talk for myself but I haven't met you before so maybe we could do a little introduction here about ourselves. I can start...

My name is Ilpo, I'm 25 years old and I'm originally from Anjalankoski in South-Eastern corner of Finland. I started studying in Master's Degree Programme in Org.Comm in September and should be graduating in 2 years. I love photography, bicycling and good music.