perjantai 6. marraskuuta 2009

Some talking about pr trends in Eastern Europe

Today it was my turn to write this blog so at first I had to find some material about the subject. My solution was simply to use our good friend google to get an overview what kind of material the internet can offer.

The article "PR Trends in Eastern Europe" by Lutz Meyer, immediatly cought my attention because it sounded very fresh and important. It says that communications in Eastern Europe has identified five major trends through-out the region:

1. Multi-national, centrally managed accounts for corporate communications as well as marketing communications
2. Corporate Social Responsibility programmes – often combined with crisis communications
3. Integrated public relations programmes (direct to consumer – event – media relations) to complement marketing campaigns
4. The public sector utilising the power of public relations campaigning
5. Internal communications to support management change and enhance employee motivation

For further reading, go to

I think it's very interesting to know what is going on now in the field of PR in Eastern Europe. I like the way these five trends summarise all the main points of the long article. They really help me to learn something new. When the subject is wide, I think it's nice if something essential can be said shortly but extensively.

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