sunnuntai 1. marraskuuta 2009

Hello my team..

Hi everyone.
First I can introduce myself: I'm Alice and I come from Belgium. I study Communication in the capital city, so Brussels, in order to work with NGO's in my future professional life. That's why I think that this course is uselful about my study, to reach a better understanding as possible of the managing of communication between an organization and its public. 
It's the first time I use and I'm a member of a blog so I'll make the best I can to adapt to it.

Tommorow it begins with my post and comment, so we can maybe decide about which topic we can start and reflect on it?
I also want to prevent you that between the 21 and the 27 I'll be in Lapland so I couldn't write to the blog but I'm sure that we'll find an other date and solution.

Looking forward to blog with you and to learn a lot about this course,

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