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Pristop in Slovenia...

It’s obvious that public information campaigns are necessary for the well-being of a society and to ensure support for reforms by the population. However, some difficulties can appear when some organizations have to conceive it: which is the ideal method? Is there an universal method for designing and implementing communication strategies to present the new policies? Which mode of communication do we have to use: media, printed materials, conference, etc.?

For this post I chose to speak about Pristop, a PR society in Slovenia that has dealt with these topics. In 1996, this Group has conceived an public information campaign for a program against the atmospheric pollution in Slovenia.
The Slovenian government, committed to reducing pollution, has created in 1996, a program of loans at low levels of interest to encourage businesses and households to invest in less polluting energy sources. The loans were granted for the purchase of more ecological heating systems.
To achieve this goal, to convince firms and families, Pristop has adopted a sophisticated strategy of communication. The task was to inform groups of the existence of these loans, and convince others to change their habits or still to teach another group the notion of environmental protection. Pristop has used TV spots, advertisements in newspapers, articles, conferences and meetings to convey separate messages to each audience: people, trade associations, political parties and media.
I think it’s quite important because according to the target audience the message can be different and the mode of communication can also vary from one to another.

The Pristop Group received the prize of the International Association of Public Relations, which rewards the excellent quality of its information campaign, in the field of the design but also of the implementation.

I chose to talk about Pristop Group because I think that their commitment for this kind of information campaign is very important. I have also found an other campaign for Amnesty, here is the link:


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