tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2009

PR / Propaganda in the Soviet age

I'm interested in learning something about the "ancient" PR of the former Soviet Union countries. Propably I will consider myself on the "PR/propaganda History" on my further blog publications of the Ex Soviet Union.

Today, I want to go back to a poster campaign of the WW II. "Watch out, enemies are listening"

I found this poster and a translation on this topic-releated blog: http://artpostersofwar.com

"The walls do even listen
It doesen't take too long
from chattering to treason"

In 1941 the motive was created by Nina Vatolina. It shows a woman who is instructing silence to the audience. So the Soviet people should care about what they're talking about. "The walls do even listen" - I guess behing the walls lurks the Nazi Regime in this case.

After I found the Soviet poster, I remembered there were similar posters in the Nazi propaganda. For example a poster like this one:

The Nazis wanted to alert the people that there could be spys from the enemy everywhere but otherwise it was also a warning for the German citizens that they really should watch out what they were talking about. To voice; disbelief in the ultimate victory of the Nazis, was a crime.

Tobias Hofferbert

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  1. I like the posters that you have found of the propaganda. I found one of The Netherlands, posters were an important tool during the second World War. The had posters in the newspapers, on the walls, on advertising pilars, and they were all full of propaganda posters with loud slogans.

    Jitske van de Worp