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PR in Poland

ok, my first publication wasn't on the right topic...so I will add something about PR in Poland.

In the beginning of the 90s Poland had a fast growing PR market. The development slowed down in the late 90s that was connected with general economical problems. The entry of the EU helped Poland to regain the PR market (as well as the economical market) Today, there are about 100 companies which offer PR services in Poland. In the article the author writes something about a "lack of ethical guidelines" (we had this topic in the PR lecture today) Probably the biggest problem is the corruption of journalists and political decision makers. That means a constraint of the freedom and independence of Polish media.

The paper is based on a research about the bribery in Poland. The result of the research shows that many communication experts are confronted with bribery at their workplace. There's a disunion if the Polish PR works with ethical manners. On the one hand almost 50 % of PR experts are agreed with the Polish PR ethics but on the other hand 25 % of PR experts and about 40 % of the journalists disagreed with it.

The author is of the opinion that PR experts have a social responsibility to educate their organizations and clients to practice PR in an ethical way.

Tobias Hofferbert

source: http://www.instituteforpr.org/files/uploads/Bribery_Poland.pdf

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  1. Interesting. I downloaded the article and I'll read it later. Is it possible you to link the article straigt to your text? It would be nice!

    - Essi

  2. That corruption surely influences PR practices in many countries. I found one statistic at Transparency International's web page where Poland was listed in the corruption country ranking list on the 58th position. I'll be researching PR in Ethiopia and it was on 126th place out of 180 countries in 2008!!! That's interesting. We'll I guess Finland is also coming down from it's 5th postition...

    (For some reason I was not able to paste the link to this comment.)


  3. Interesting information, Tobias.

    But what do you think about the matter? Is the situation in Poland good or bad for PR? Whose responsibility it is to change the corrupted system?

  4. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  5. Of course I would say it's not a positive situation but as we know corruption is possible everywhere especially in many eastern European countries. I think the PR market is responsible for itself so "self-regulation" is the magic word. They should make a constituion or some kind of honor codex.