tiistai 10. marraskuuta 2009

PR in Greece

This week I will tell you something about PR in Greece. In the beginning PR agencies were dominated by family enterprises. Today PR is characterized by an increasing professionalism. The agencies offer a wide knowledge in internal, external or crisis PR.

In 1951 the PR activities started with a campaign to support the Hellenic tourist organization. PR know-how came from foreign countries.
In the 1960s the Hellenic Society of Public Relations was founded and numbers over 250 members.

In 1996 the “Hellenic Public Relations Consultancies Association” was founded by the seven leading PR agencies in Greece. Later the association was joined by six more agencies. The associations functioned as an independent entity up until June 2001, when its member-consultancies transferred their allegiance to the newly formed Association of Advertising and Communication Agencies. Durign it's short-lived history, the Hellenic Public Relations Consultancies Association managed to draft a code of professional practice, laid the foundations for the establishment of the Institute of PR, participated in the International Comittee of the Public Relations Consultancies Association and organised two international conferences in Athens.

In 1999 the first academic department was founded which concentrates on PR at the Technological Education Institution (TEI) of Western Macedonia. In the public sector, the only academic program at undergraduate level that focuses exclusively on PR is offered by the TEI of Western Macedonia. Before 1999 there were PR courses in several universities in Greece, introduced in the mid of the 1980s. In the soon future there will be a master program in the University of Athens. In Greece PR is examined from the communication and from the business perspective. Today it is not clear where the focus will be in future.

Hot issues in PR in Greek are technological, economical, political and cultural development. Many agencies exploring the applications of Internet PR in internal and crisis communication. Today an average PR agency has 14,5 employees and 26,5 clients.

Tobias Hofferbert

source: Public Relations Managment in Europe. A nation by nation Introduction. (google books)

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