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Our research topic is to learn a lot about PR process in Eastern Europe to reach the best understanding as possible. The first question can be the following: What can be described and named the Eastern Europe? By researching answers to Internet we can find a lot of answers that differ from one point of view to another. For instance: where the CIA world Factbook described Eastern Europe as a “group” of 6 countries , the United Nations Statistics Division count more than 10 countries. I estimate that for our research we can limit the term of Eastern Europe to the ex countries of the Soviet Union, so the previous communist countries. That's why we could believe that we’ll find for all of those countries the same kind of process in PR or a huge influence because they have belonged to the same kind of system, the Soviet Union.
However, by reading an article about the PR in Russia, I have discovered that Russia has developed its own vision of PR, which can be described as an adaptation to the Russia life. Indeed, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian country was divided about the future of the country: in one hand, there were those who wanted to make sacrifices to have a new democratic future and in the other hand people who wished to return to past, to the Soviet-style imperialism. As we can notice, the “futuristic” part has won. By becoming a democratic society, consents have to be reached between the Russian government and people. So it needs communication (exchange of information and ideas). As
David W. Guth says : This is where public relations plays its critical role. It is through the ethical application of public relations that individuals and organizations enter the great marketplace of ideas. And, through the proper application of public relations, it is how practitioners engineer consensus.
This citation can lead us to a reflection about PR and where they appear and develop: is it possible to have a development of public relation in a non-democratic society? 

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  1. HI group 2,

    Helsinki School of Economics has made a research "Yritysmarkkinoiden kehitys Venäjällä, PK-yritysten tilanne Pietarissa" / They have made interviews In Rusia in different companies in 2008. I think you can get some good information from them. You can find their contact information from
    - essi

  2. Hello Alice & Group 2!

    You might find our blog especially interesting, because it deals basicly with the same group of countries as yours. Our blog is called "Public relations in former Soviet Union countries" and our specific aim is to discuss the changes in the role of PR in these countries. Maybe we will develop an interesting and continuous dialog between these two blogs, exchanging and complementing each others ideas, who knows? :)

    I also wrote about Russia and the ethics of PR today, in my post about "black" and "white" PR. You can check it out here: