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Something about Macedonia

Why I choose this country? I told before, that I have one colleeg, who is from Macedonia, so I hope that he can tell us something about PR climate too.

Also, I don´t know much about Macedonia or "Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM or FYR Macedonia". The constitutional name of the country is Republic of Macedonia and it is usually called simply Macedonia, despite the disambiguation concerns of the neighboring Greeks in the Greek province Macedonia and the official provisional name the country has under UN.

I tried to find something about Macedonias PR history, but i found many pages, which shows different sides of Macedonias history. They were coloured very strong politician point of view.

Here is one view of eastern europe media:

Some basic things about Macedonia:

And here is link where is few Macedonias media

Macedonia Media:
-Macedonian Information Agency
-Macedonian National Broadcasting Company [English version]
-Pressonline [English version]
-Utrinski Vesnik
-Nova Makedonija
-VOA) Voice of America - Glas na Amerika, Makedonski
-Deutsche Welle – Macedonian Service

And nice way to know something about Macedonias history:
Link to Oliver Stones film "Alexander" http://alexanderthemovie.warnerbros.com/ .

I will interview my colleeg soon, so next time I hopefully have some experiencial knowledge about Macedonias PR history.

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